Account Analyst Recruitment Project

As an Account Analyst with Sabre88, your primary responsibility will be to research and collect market information regarding federal government procurement opportunities. As part of our daily practice, Sabre88 personnel look at these open opportunities, gather as much critical information on them as possible, and create packages for our proposal and business development staff to create winning proposals that are submitted to the Federal Government for review.

Before bringing you on board we would like to assess your ability to independently analyze and evaluate a potential business opportunity, gather and present relevant information and evaluate the steps that you took to arrive at your conclusions.

The following link will direct you to which is an online directory for federal procurement opportunities.

Please look up the opportunity that has been posted for Operational Administrative Support Services; Solicitation Number: DRAFT_H9821020R0008 which will direct you to a solicitation page.

This solicitation page will act as a starting point giving you the general description and synopsis of the project. Please gather as much information on this opportunity as possible taking into account the various stakeholders that will be using this information.

Please provide the following information regarding the opportunity:

          • What positions/labor categories are required for this opportunity
          • What is the period of performance
          • What is the submission date for contractor proposals?
          • Provide the contract type and a brief description of that type of contract (no cut and paste) be able to discuss what this type of contract is and means to us the vendor.
          • List the various FAR requirements
          • Find the FAR/DFARS on-line and give a brief description of what it is and a brief description (in plain English…no cut and paste) of what several of the FAR/DFAR references in the RFP mean to us as a vendor…be ready to discuss during interview.
          • Provide the PM’s name and a brief description of what a Program Manager does…be ready to discuss during interview.
          • Provide the Contracting Officers name a brief description of what a COR does and be ready to discuss during an interview.
          • An abbreviated description of the scope
          • Please identify the Technical Representatives
          • Please identify any deliverables for the contractor
          • Is there travel on this contract? If so to where?
          • What if any special considerations are in this contract?

Remember, please be as thorough as possible in the information that you gather and be prepared to present your findings during your scheduled interview. There is no right or wrong way to conduct this project, we would just like to see your work habits/thought process, but thoroughness in your evaluation is the key to success.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out at and someone should reach out to you immediately.