Minority Owned , Small Disadvantaged Business

Sabre88 stands as a beacon of opportunity and collaboration in the business landscape, bearing the distinctive badges of a Minority Owned and Small Disadvantaged Business. This dual identity not only underscores Sabre88’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity but also presents a valuable avenue for Government Agencies seeking agile and impactful partnerships. The company’s Minority Owned and Small Disadvantaged Business status opens a direct pathway for Government Agencies to engage through sole-source acquisition, a process designed for seamless and expedited contracting. With the ability to execute contracts within a remarkably short span of time, Sabre88 provides a solution that doesn’t just save time, but also aligns with the essence of efficiency that today’s dynamic landscape demands.

It’s important to recognize that the Minority Owned and Small Disadvantaged Business program holds more than just operational benefits; it’s a testament to the federal mandate of promoting equitable participation in the business ecosystem. By choosing Sabre88, Federal Agencies play a pivotal role in realizing this mandate, contributing to the empowerment and growth of minority-owned and disadvantaged enterprises. The commitment goes beyond mere business dealings; it’s a meaningful step towards fostering economic inclusion and driving positive change.

Moreover, when Government Agencies collaborate with Sabre88, they’re not just obtaining quality services; they’re also earning commendable recognition. The work allocated to Sabre88 is counted towards the agency’s commitment to the program, translating into tangible credit for their proactive engagement in promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

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