Seaport-e, also known as the SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC), is a U.S. Navy contract vehicle designed to provide a streamlined process for procuring professional support services in various functional areas. The primary objective of the SeaPort-e contract is to provide the Navy with a convenient and efficient means of acquiring a wide range of services from a diverse pool of qualified contractors.

Quality Assurance Statement:

We at Sabre88 understand the importance of ensuring the quality of the responsibilities pertaining to each of our projects from inception through completion. Accordingly, Sabre88 stresses procedures to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the tasks performed. Sabre88’s personnel are the foundation of our service and accordingly we ensure that all personnel are knowledgeable and hold experience for their assigned tasks. Sabre88 fully understands that in today’s environment of change, events unfold that may impact the requirements of the original task orders. By maintaining open and frequent communication, Sabre88 ensures the required coordination occurs to respond quickly and professionally to the changing needs of our customers.

The Sabre88 support framework provides a structure for service delivery that leverages the individual skills and specializations of our proposed technical specialist and aligns these efforts with customer’s requirements. At the same time, Sabre88 fosters a collaborative partnership between its personnel and those of the customer, offering an extremely effective, efficient, and low-risk solution for providing program and technical support as required. Sabre88 has built its reputation by providing quality services and managing customer expectations for performance along with ensuring that our customers receive only the highest standard of support and performance in the execution of our work.