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DOD’s Ethical Principles Challenges for AI

The Department of Defense issued five Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence(AI) this February. They are Responsible, Equitable, Traceable, Reliable and Governable. The DoD AI principles were developed by the Defense Intelligence Board. The recommendations were developed over a 15-month period by AI leaders in government and the private sector and were based on existing Law […]

The Department of Defense plans to modernize acquisition following the impacts of COVID-19

In the midst of the social, economic and political impacts the pandemic, COVID-19, has brought to the American population; the Department of Defense has committed to updating its acquisition system for the post-pandemic era. Doing so by implementing the DoD Directive 5000.01 on September 8, 2020, and by so adapting the departments roles and responsibilities […]

Network modernization requirements in federal agencies

Federal agencies are facing monumental challenges with the technology requirements and upgrades needed to maintain operations and lead in the current environment. A number of capabilities that were earmarked in the fiscal 2021 IT budget are among them: retiring legacy systems, cloud migration, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, and data analytics to name a few. As […]

Data Democracy

“Data democracy” term is a methodological framework of values and actions that benefit and minimize any harm to the public or the typical user. It can also be defined as making digital information accessible to the average non-technical user of information systems, without having to require the involvement of IT. Data democratization has been a […]

Annual federal contract spending reaches new records

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the federal government into emergency spending mode, agencies—including the Defense Department—were on pace to blow past the single-year contract spending record of $598 billion set in fiscal 2019. As of Aug. 5, the federal government has obligated $438 billion in spending, with agencies expected to unload almost $200 billion […]

Secret of success in government contracting world.

Government contracts may be lucrative for big companies, but for many small businesses, they’re not. That’s because few small firms win them at all. Only 22.5% of federal contracts go to small businesses and a dismal 4% are awarded to firms owned by women, according to statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) from […]

Sabre88 Awarded Department of Homeland Security Acquisition Training Support Services contract with the United States Coast Guard

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sabre88 Awarded Department of Homeland Security Acquisition Training Support Services contract with the United States Coast Guard The award comes as a follow-on to an existing contract with the United States Coast Guard, further demonstrating the capability to provide reliable support services to the Federal Government as it has since 2008. Newark, […]

HHS Modernization

Department of Health and Human Services is the U.S Government’s agency for protecting the health and providing essential human services. Its basic mission is to enhance the well-being by providing effective health and human services sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services. Recently, as pandemic took over across the U.S, […]


Enterprise Infrastructure solutions (EIS) is a comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency IT telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements. GSA announced the award of EIS on July 31, 2017.The EIS program is at present being carried out at the General Services Administration. GSA’s acting deputy assistant commissioner in the federal acquisition service Allen […]