How Companies Are Using AI for Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence has made it easy and perspective for companies to survive and excel in international competition by keeping up with the latest technology. AI refers to the social science of making computers work like how humans do. With the use of AI, a number of areas in the digital marketing industry have advanced and have continued to excel further. Natural language processing is a branch of AI that enables computer programs to comprehend, process and formulate the responses to human language in the same way it is spoken. With the increasing use of machine learning, natural language processing technologies are being used for multiple work like data examination and improvement in human-computer interaction.

Using AI for multiple business processes can actually lead the business to another level in terms of goals achievement. It has helped in the improvement of developing a deep understanding of marketing and helping brands to increase customer service quality. AI systems constantly work in the background of the products and services like Netflix, Amazon, Google. Companies run a pay-per-click campaign as a marketing strategy for their business and employees work for that. However, human efforts for the same can be minimized by using AI system. AI can also help to discover advertising channels that may not be used by the competitor company.

We all know that we can create rule sets and formats for profit and loss summaries, quarterly business reports, stock market reports and such others. By inclusion of AI system. A company can design a narration or summary in real time. One can set up writing styles and formats for the same. Hence, those summaries can be personalized as per your business need.

Another interesting benefit of using AI system is for sending emails. Emails are an important part of day to day work for marketing in all kinds of businesses and one needs to send a personalized email for every customer according to their interests to maintain a good relationship with them. With the use of AI system, one can send personalized emails based on the business requirements. The system basically maps the previous website interactions, time spent by subscribers on one page, subscriber’s wish list, interactions with different kind of visitors. In a way, it helps to send a curated email to every single customer by analyzing customer’s reading patterns. This is a huge time and energy saving benefit by using AI tool to get information about each customer rather than doing it manually.

Artificial intelligence powered tools can also help to gather a large volume of data, build a predictive model, test and validate the model. This kind of a tool can be very much useful for predicting large volumes, for example, stock market data. Analytical summary based on AP powered tool can be used to make business decisions profitably.

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If you have recently used google photos, you may have noticed that Google search engine recognizes people and images in a fraction of time. From a marketer’s standpoint, image recognition means a better connection of online content and store visits. Many stores use facial recognition software to trace customers and their visits. This can be helpful to make an analysis of customer’s number of visits and their buying preferences. We can say that AI-powered tools enable marketers to improve customer relationships in a great way.