Microsoft’s Offer For A Corporate Chat App

Microsoft is offering a free version of its Teams corporate chat app, available for groups ranging from two to three hundred users. This version is designed for startups and small businesses.

The new version provides 10GB’s of data storage, with extra 2GB’s for each individual user. Microsoft also provides free online versions of Office that allows users to edit flies, documents, slides and spread sheets. Microsoft is trying to lure users who do not want to pay initially, especially small startup businesses, and convert them into paid users’ overtime.

It seems like Microsoft Crop. is giving more attentions to small businesses. “We’re kind of flipping the model on its head,” said Lori Wright, general manager for Microsoft’s Office 365 collaboration apps. “The competition looks at this as a way to get into enterprises and larger business, but that’s a place we’ve been successful for a long time. To us, this is really about expanding the opportunity down to small and medium-sized businesses who haven’t necessarily been Office 365 customers.”


Teams Allows you to communicate with large groups of people instantly. Imagine being able to talk with different teams around the office simultaneously; Discuss plans from your own computer instead of having to walk to the meeting room. Microsoft Teams does that, and more. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective. With it you can video chat, make audio calls and preform many more communication methods. The best part, you can use teams alongside the rest of the Office 365 suite.

Earlier this year Microsoft provided the same free version of Teams to educational users. Report shows that by the end of March 2018, more than 200 thousand organizations are using Teams, with 8 million active daily users. Users of free version of Teams have the option to upgrade to paid Office 365 plans, which has more storage space and wider access to Cloud based Microsoft Office software.

On top of teams, Microsoft will also provide a new set of analytics tools such as corporation calendar and email to provide an in depth personalized insights of staff as it is a perfect tool to track for work. All those tools would bring significant benefits to small businesses.