New Year New Tech

The year 2018 has introduced many new technologies that could radically change the way people live. These technologies were seen as newfangled concepts, a pipe dream. However slowly but surely these technologies are beginning to take shape. For example, the IDC (International Data Corporation) anticipates that overall spending for AI technology will reach $57.6 billion by 2021. ISG, a global technology research and advisory firm, sent out a survey to 500 businesses and IT leaders. The purpose of the survey was to see what these businesses future plans were for applying automation and AI. The survey discovered that as many as 51% of the businesses surveyed will apply automation and AI by 2019.

Organizations have also been more educated in block-chain technology. Block-chain has been discussed extensively in media which in turn exposed this concept and improved the collective understanding of this technology. A number of major companies have implemented block-chain pilots however it has yet to reach its full potential. However, there is space for black chain technology to continue to innovate and improve. Another form of technology on the rise is VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology. With the introduction of VR products like video games, the technology has been consistently improving. VR Company Oculus will be releasing the Oculus Quest in Spring 2019. For AR technology, Economic Daily News gained insider knowledge detailing that the new iPhone for 2019 will have 3 rear cameras in order to provide an AR experience for the customer. One camera will have a telephoto lens while the other two cameras will provide depth mapping. For all these technologies, 2018 has been a testing ground to establish what aspects are needed to improve them.  What makes 2019 unique is that the knowledge gained in 2018 can be used to launch these technologies into the next stage of development. The potential benefits and impacts that these technologies can have on businesses remain to be seen but it’s safe to assume that they could only get better.