Sabre88 Core Values: Work-From-Home

As the world adjusts standard routines and a large majority of businesses transition to working from home, we at Sabre88 have done our best to uphold and incorporate our core values into our new normal. Changing the setting of business has its challenges, but it appears that it certainly has its opportunities, as well. This can be a time to strengthen teams, learn new things, sharpen problem-solving skills, and discover new ways of communicating.

Sabre88’s core values are the following: Teamwork, Accountability, Communication,

Customer Service, Community Service ,and Technology. As a company, we have had the opportunity to create new ways of doing things, all while remaining true to these core values.

Teamwork and communication have played a large role in continuing to operate successfully as we work from home. This means maintaining regular hours, creating a morning routine, taking time to meet virtually to maintain a team environment. It is important to keep communication strong during times of separation. Equally important is staying connected with team members and continuing to draw from the strength of our diverse pool of skills.

Accountability comes from keeping these communications consistent and open. The team relies on each other to perform and must know that each member is accountable for their work. When a unit operates in a manner such that each member is accountable to each other, great work can be done and the result is great customer service and a stronger team.

Customer service is now directly related to our utilization of technology. Making sure to use a VPN on network you don’t control ensures the safety of the information that customers and clients expect to be protected. Technology also drives customer service by allowing quick, effective collaboration in real-time, allowing for smooth communication and decision making to solve every potential problem that may arise. The use of technology also allows for innovation and is presents opportunity for business development.

Finally, community service is what we are able to engage in by remaining productive in our homes during this unprecedented time. By staying home and adhering to the guidelines provided by our leaders, we ensure that we are serving the community as best we can by helping to flatten the curve, as it is appropriately put.

We do wish all our customers and clients health and safety, and we at Sabre88 will continue to prove Precise. Swift. Solutions as we always have.

The following is a list of tips and best practices for maintaining productivity:

  1. Maintain Regular Hours
  2. Create a Morning Routine
  3. Set Ground Rules With the People in Your Space
  4. Schedule Breaks
  5. Take Breaks in Their Entirety
  6. Leave Home (within CDC guidelines)
  7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for What You Need
  8. Keep a Dedicated Office Space
  9. Use a VPN

Author: Paul McVeigh