Innovations Shaping The Future of Transportation

Transportation is the heart of every individual’s daily life, whether you are commuting to and from work or traveling on vacation. As years pass we are becoming more and more efficient in the way we transport ourselves from one place to another. In the 1800’s we were using horses to go from place to place. A century later we had developed the steam engine and were using trains along with many other vehicles. What the future has in store for us is startling for some but, exciting for others. In the past the hurdle has been getting airplanes to be able to have vertical take off and landings which we are moving closer and closer to with each passing day through the innovation of aircraft design.

Flying cars use to be a fascinating idea however, recently this has begun materializing. Close to 15 startups have begun putting significant amounts of money into the idea along with several large corporations such as Airbus, Boeing and Toyota. Not only is the U.S. a flag bearer in leading the effort but, there are also several companies based out of Europe involved in the effort. Large investors are also showing interest in revolutionizing the emergency healthcare industry and also the delivery business. This innovative technology will also address the population growth concerns and issues with traffic.  Overall, flying cars are something we could see as soon as 10-15 years. In the near future it will also become a major investment opportunity as some have already began taking advantage of the opportunity. An old quote, “necessity is the mother of invention” is apt for this situation as the World Health Organization expects “7 out of 10 people to be living in cities by 2050”. This means that cities will have to rethink their transportation systems and flying cars is something they will definitely have on their radar. The most exciting thing regarding this development is that today we are talking about advancements in transportation, tomorrow we could be talking about other technological advancement in society.

Another great development in the transportation industry is the introduction of connected vehicles. Connected technology is based on wireless communication and is like an ecosystem within its self. It pairs the vehicles with all of its surroundings which include infrastructure, vehicles, pedestrians. The introduction of this technology really puts an emphasis and highlights the importance of safety, it alerts the driver of the vehicle of his surroundings and informs the driver of dangerous situations. Soon this technology will be implemented in road work areas and intersections that are notorious for accidents which will serve as a preventive measure. The most exciting thing about this development is that the technology is ready and now its just a matter of implementing it. Very similar to the flying cars the connected vehicles are faced with the hurdle of government intervention, when the government gets on board this is a technology that will change the way modern day transportation is thought of.

The final exciting development in transportation industry is the spread of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have been around for a while now however, they haven’t made leaps into people’s daily lives until now. Electric vehicles are something we will get use to seeing more often now. This initiative is beneficial both environmentally and economically.  The use of clean energy in the form of electric vehicles addresses climate change concerns and provides a renewable source of energy whereas, it also provides an investment opportunity for people interested in emerging technologies. The state of Oregon is recently one of the biggest players in U.S., Oregon recently introduced an electric highway which gives access to charging stations along the highway. Oregon is also pushing private businesses to include stations as well so it becomes a more viable option for residents. With states like Oregon pushing this initiative we will begin to see more and more electric vehicles on our roads.

In summary, the future of transportation looks very bright. Three bright innovative ideas will be able to change the way people commute on a daily basis. The advent of flying cars will free us from traffic jams and make the commute much smoother. Connected technology is another step that will make travelling much safer for everyone. Through the use of wireless technology drivers will have access to pretty much everything around them and know how much of a threat they are. Finally, an energy source that has been around for a while is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Highways are now being filled with charging stations. In a few years we can expect as a society for these technologies to take over and be integrated into society fully.