Alexa for Business: Overview

The release of Alexa for business has provided new avenue for businesses to increase efficiency. Alexa allows for easier communication in the workplace and the removal of mundane corporate tasks like ordering new supplies, turning on video conference equipment, setting reminders etc. Alexa is able to complete those tasks in half the time according to Amazon. The service is a monthly subscription of seven dollars per shared device per month and three dollars per enrolled use per month.

Alexa for business has two categories shared and personal devices. Shared devices can be placed in public locations and can be used by anyone. These devices would be placed in conference rooms, lobbies, and or other company wide spaces. Personal devices have enrolled user with Alexa so it can complete personal tasks like managing to-do lists and setting reminders. Personal devices also have the ability to send messages, conduct calls, access calendars, schedule meetings etc. Personal users can also sync their personal home Alexa with Alexa business. The devices price ranges from $49.99 to $229.99 plus the monthly subscription of $7 per shared device and $3 dollars per enrolled user. Shared devices do not need to be personally enrolled. Alexa can book conference rooms by linking with the calendar provider and give her authorization to enable the room booking feature. Alexa can also check the availability of the room and find out who booked the room. Alexa can be synced with the corporate calendar which allows her to directly turn on video conferencing equipment and join the respective meeting. This eliminates time spent trying to set up equipment using meeting IDs or a conference call number. Alexa also has a dashboard that manages user and devices, add or remove skills, manage video conferencing options, invite new users, and manage corporate calendars.

Alexa for Business can improve work efficiency however the price for the subscription and the price for the device isn’t worth it for some business owners. At the moment not, many business owners are willing to take on extra costs just to make daily tasks easier. Amazon believes that Alexa can bring companies into a more high-tech era but the results may not be totally worthwhile.