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Some Agencies Report 100% Vaccine Mandate Compliance as Others Begin Suspensions Agencies continue to see vaccination rates rise as disciplinary actions ramp up. The federal government gave its agencies and contractors time to comply to President Biden’s vaccine mandate, but not all employees have complied. Counseling and education were a first step among many agencies […]

How to Avoid Achy Feet while Working at Home One side effect of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic may come as a surprise: sore feet. Here are some tips on how to get relief. As the pandemic spirals on, working from home is becoming more prevalent and for many companies, permanent. With the […]

Omicron Is Pushing America Into Soft Lockdown The coronavirus is raging again, this time with the new variant Omicron. This isn’t March 2020, but it may start to feel that way in a city near you. While mayors are not actually putting their cities under lock-down, it seems businesses are doing it on their own. […]

New Executive Order Seeks to Reduce Worker Turnover on Service Contracts President Biden issued an executive order on Thursday, November 18, with the intent to reduce worker turnover on service contracts with the government. This order is not entirely new, as something similar was in effect during the Obama administration, but then revoked under the […]

Sabre88 Honors Its Veterans

As we Honor our Veterans today let us also remember it’s not just a day off from work or a day for sales.  Veteran’s Day is the day in which we celebrate our veterans.  Those who bravely fought to protect our borders and our revolutionary Freedoms.   November 11th annually, is set aside in remembrance of the […]

The Battle for the Public Service Is Just Beginning

In his article on the critical debate over the future of the federal workforce, Donald Kettl argues that despite disagreeing, Sherk and Howard have nonetheless laid out important problems in the civil service largely ignored by their opponents on the left. Too often, the public service has become the front lines of a proxy war […]

What I Learned While Eavesdropping on the Taliban

 Ian Fritz’s job was providing “threat warning” to the allied forces from 2008 to 2013. Fritz had many duties as one of two linguists aboard Air Force Special Operations Command aircraft. Fritz heard a lot during 600 hours of combat missions.  While eavesdropping on the Taliban he heard both horrific and ordinary things. One conversation […]