Core Value Focus: Teamwork

 “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

There may be no “I” in team, but being part of a team can help you grow. “By sharing information and essentially cross training each other, each individual member of the team can flourish,” says John Murphy, a specialist in business transformation and author of Pulling Together: 10 Rules for High-Performance Teamwork. You might discover new concepts from colleagues with different experiences. You can also learn from someone else’s mistakes.

 Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. At Sabre88 we strive to uphold a company culture of teamwork, selflessness and cooperation. Our back office hosts a modern open office layout, which is being adopted by many large companies in hopes of improving their teamwork. For us at the back office it allows for fluid communication and a friendly, open atmosphere. The practice of prioritizing teamwork resonates not just through the back office. Paul McVeigh, a member of the Sabre88 back office resonates this as he speaks on our office community.

“Our office community is a team. We are a collection of individuals who come together to achieve goals that help the business grow and thrive. To do this, we communicate effectively and efficiently through multiple avenues, making sure to keep everyone in the loop. Both professional and casual communication is encouraged, and this helps build relationships and ultimately strengthens the team. Our “Morning Huddle” is a great example of using communication to forge interpersonal bonds, as we take time each morning to discuss a topic brought by a different team member each day”.

Teamwork is a core value of Sabre88 because of the inherent understanding that strong teamwork raises productivity and happiness. There are many benefits to teamwork, for one, teamwork lowers stress and increases creativity, according to 61% of an interviewed population. When people with different perspectives come together in group brainstorms, innovative ideas rise to the surface with one caveat. Research shows this can only happen when communication within the team is open and collaborative. Sabre88 believes in establishing training and development support mechanisms that will enable the organization to succeed. Consequently, this means the implementation of innovative training measures that expand the knowledge base of all personnel that can address potential weaknesses, develop consistent performance metrics and create overall employee satisfaction.

When asked about Sabre88’s training methods Paul said, “I appreciate Sabre88’s training initiative. I rather enjoy the online trainings which are educational, interactive and mostly fun. They also offer certificates upon completion that can be kept and shown off! Personally, I enjoy going over opportunity scoring methods with my coworkers. We do it in such a way that we are consistently sharpening each other’s skills, helping the effectiveness of the team grow each meeting”. We can all find times within our daily regime at Sabre88 that we rely on the help of others, finding new methods to operate more successfully aligns with our core values and team mentality.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

“Each individual has unique gifts, and talents and skills,” says Murphy, “When we bring them to the table and share them for a common purpose, it can give companies a real competitive advantage”. The consulting firm McKinsey & Company backs this up in a recent study. It found teams made up of members from diverse backgrounds are more creative and perform better by up to 35 percent, compared to more homogeneous teams. Research from Tufts University suggests that just being exposed to diversity can shift the way you think. A study on a diverse mock jury found that interacting with individuals who are different forces people to be more open minded, and to expect that reaching consensus will take effort.

With teamwork the dream is actualized as everyone needs to motivate themselves. At Sabre88 we have a culture of self-motivation, where each individual is encouraged to grow and develop in their own fashion.

Author: Bobby Cottingham