Finding Federal Contracts

Searching for federal contracts is a complex process of filtering through {inputs} to find the right opportunity for your company. There are websites online that have extradited the process, and made it easier to find and research different government contracts. Platforms like FBO ) and, are government run contract portals where government departments andoffices share their requests directly too bidders. On the other hand, online platforms like GovWin and GovTribe provide a detailed portfolio of information for federal contracts as a service with freemium subscription options. Because there are so many options starting can be confusing. You may need the directness of a government portal, alternatively you may find the information provided from a paid service necessary for your discovery and the research that follows.

Government Portals

The Federal Procurement Data System,, and The System for Award Management,, are two detailed government contracting digital portals. You can search, and use the built-in filters to refine your results to whatever you are looking for. On Fpds, Sam and Seaport, you can create accounts to store your filter preferences. Using government portals is free gives you not only the Contracts name, but also the contract number, response date and the contracting offices contact information. Additionally, submission instructions are uploaded as pdfs and word documents that are downloadable. A SAM registration is required for any entity to bid on and get paid for federal contracts or to receive federal funds. The Sam registration is valid for one year from the date the registration is complete and must be renewed before 60 days of expiration to avoid potential penalties.


Paid Services

GovWin IQ is a cloud-based intelligence solution for government procurement in the United States that helps companies manage public sector opportunities and develop strategies to close deals and outperform the competition. GovWin provides contractors who sell to the federal government with new opportunities, detailed planning intelligence, potential team partnerships, and the strategies small businesses need to stay ahead of the competition and win more federal contracts. GovTribe is an online portal that identifies federal government contracts, funding opportunities, and market information. GovTribe is a collaboration platform that allows contractors and their teams to access real-time information and manage business development activities. It provides contractors with information about the federal contract market through an easily accessible website and turn the information into actionable information. There is also a team sharing feature. EZGovOpps is a federal market research tool designed for government contractors, collection managers, business developers, proposal writers, and government researchers.

How to Filter

Regarding what to filter it depends on your strategy. If you want a broad range of opportunities related to your interest, you can filter based upon NAICs and PSC codes. Alternatively, you can search within your desired department or agency. You can combine the filters for an even more concentrated search, to comb through lists of federal contracts. Eventually you will find what you are looking for. You can find contracts through online portals, government sourced or paid services, depending on your strategy you may use one, the other, or even both for your companies’ procurement.