Founder & CEO of Sabre88, LLC. was inducted in the U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame 2015

Robert Cottingham; Founder and CEO of Sabre88, LLC. was inducted in the USA Hall of Fame this year as one of the most decorated Sabre fencers in USA Fencing history. Only two of the USA Fencing’s most embellished athletes and three coaches were inducted into the USA Fencing Hall of Fame for the year 2015. These five inductees after receiving nominations from the Hall of Fame Committee were selected through an online poll which was open to all the individuals aged 18 and older who held current USA Fencing memberships of supporting level or higher.

Robert Cottingham, U.S. Fencing Hall of Fame Nominee

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Robert Cottingham was a member of the 1988 and 1992 Olympic sabre teams and won six U.S. National Championship titles in sabre between 1986 and 1992. He was a Pan Am Team silver medalist in 1987 in Indianapolis. He had an outstanding collegiate career where he had a dominating record of 108-11 whilst he fenced for Columbia and won both individual and team NCAA titles in 1988.

The other four adorned names included in the USA Fencing Hall of Fame for 2015 were,
Becca Ward, two-time Olympic Medalist; Michel Sebastiani, former Olympian and U.S. Fencing Coach; Simon Gershon, Head Coach for U.S. Men’s Foill Team & Fencing Coach; Marty Schneider, Fencing Coach for Riverdale Country School (60 Years).