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Who Needs Black Friday When You Can Shop Small?

After Thanksgiving, when the turkey has been consumed and the cranberry sauce devoured, many Americans participate in the tradition of shopping on “Black Friday,” the day following Thanksgiving when popular retailers offer low prices for popular gadgets, toys, textiles, and more. The history of Black Friday dates back to the 1960s and indicates the kickoff […]

The History about Black History Month

Early in the 19th century, after the Emancipation Proclamation, and the 13th Amendment took place the 19first steps to commemorating black history began. The history behind the creation of black history goes farther back than that of the most known African American who pioneered the Civil Rights Movement. Black history month began in the early […]

The 2018 Discretionary Budget, and what it will mean

With regard to the public sector many budget items have been maintained as of 2018 as well. Firstly the new Administration’s first budget has been released and brings changes with it. The new era has arrived and disrupted the status quo. Under the careful crafting by the executive branch, the Discretionary federal budget has undergone […]

Net neutrality at a glance

In 2015 the previous administration advocated for the creation of the Open Internet Order or, Net Neutrality, the vision was to create an open unrestricted internet for all to use equally. Net Neutrality is the proposition that internet service providers should allow access to all online content without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. […]

A Boon for the US Economy

On December 20th, 2017, the US Congress passes the first tax reform bill since 1986. Upon this momentous event, the U.S markets and stocks finished at the highest they have ever had this year. Two of which the Dow Jones Industrial Average “rose 55.64 points to 24,782.29 and traded more than 100 points higher”, and […]

Business and Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital form of currency that has caught the eye of several businesses, and entrepreneurs from every market. The currency founded in 2009 by an unknown person by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, has had its highs and lows in the market. However as of recent months Bitcoins have experienced an exponential growth […]

Small Business Saturday – Celebrating the backbone of our economy

The Great Recession – which officially lasted from December 2007 to June 2009 – began with an 8 trillion dollar burst of the housing bubble and an unprecedented wealth lost to millions of Americans. The resulting loss of wealth led to sharp cutbacks in consumer spending, the loss of consumption combined with the financial market […]

Wireless Communications for Computer Motherboards

Every year, computer performance has increased exponentially due to a huge surge in new technological methods in order to enhance computers processing power. One of these methods consists of compacting transistors into a tighter space in Silicon microchips, which helps speed up communication across the motherboard. However, by compacting transistors into a smaller area has […]

A day for the heroes

Years ago today our enemies laid down their arms in accordance with an armistice which renders them impotent to renew hostilities, and gave to the world an assured opportunity to reconstruct its shattered order, the victory of arms foretells the enduring conquests which can be made in peace when nations act justly and in furtherance […]