The 2018 Discretionary Budget, and what it will mean

With regard to the public sector many budget items have been maintained as of 2018 as well. Firstly the new Administration’s first budget has been released and brings changes with it. The new era has arrived and disrupted the status quo. Under the careful crafting by the executive branch, the Discretionary federal budget has undergone a large increase in defense spending in comparison to the previous Administration.


The discretionary budget is one of the best means to understand the priorities of the administration in power. The budget represents several departments including the DOD (Department of Defense), DOA (Department of Agriculture), DOE (Department of  Energy) as well as agencies such as GSA (The General Services Administration) and the SBA (Small Business Administration). Based on the data above, the assumption is that the new administration will devote more money and attention to the country’s national defense, than prior. This will be the highest budget the department of defense has been allocated since the $602 billion dollars it was allocated in 2008. As well as the first time the aggregate of the rest of the budget will be less than the total allocated to the DOD. While this means spending cuts in other industries as they will have to function on fewer resources, for the military this will be able to help pay for research and development, equipment and information.

The above listed agencies on the chart, are those that fall under the discretionary budget.The spending cuts while minimal will affect the day to day operations of the other departments and agencies, with less money in their programs although it will be more difficult to function it will not be impossible.

Author: Bobby Cottingham, Sabre88 LLC

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