Government Information Sharing Is Now A Resolved Challenge.

When it comes to information sharing, several security aspects are questioned, whether information sharing is occurring within an organization across units or external to an organization the sharing of information can be fraught with challenges. Over the years, keeping government data a secret and sharing it over the dynamic and prolific internet is just as easy as a click. But is it safe? With the emergence of online crime through cyber criminals and competitors continually attempting to acquire secure data the answer has become a resounding “no”.

The Center for Technology in Government, (CTG) University at Albany, New York has released a toolkit; Government Information Sharing: A Planning Toolkit, designed for government professionals to help guide the process of sharing information. In this digital world it sounds like a relatively easy and seamless concept; but it’s as complex as predicting the future which could go either ways. Therein every government organization allots a percentage of capital and time in order to secure the data over shared network.

Government enterprises face many performance challenges that can be addressed more successfully through better information-sharing initiatives. Regardless of the size and complexity of these initiatives, they are all made less challenging when participating organizations have a joint action plan that outlines what information sharing is necessary to be successful and what investments in capabilities must be made to close the gaps between capability required and capabilities available. Decisions to invest in information-sharing initiatives must be grounded in such an action plan. This toolkit is designed for government professionals tasked with planning and implementing initiatives that rely on effective information-sharing. It provides a process for assessing where capabilities for information-sharing exist and where they must be developed to achieve targeted goals. Assessment results provide a basis for action planning to fill capability gaps.

The CTG also developed Government Information Sharing: Dimension Worksheets, which deals with the degree of modeling and architecture development that is already in place to support the information-sharing objectives. Planning and design of effective information sharing and interoperability depend to a significant degree on a clear and detailed analysis of the entire enterprise involved. Such a description identifies the service and operational components of the enterprise and describes how they are connected to each other and what technologies are used to implement them. These models may also include detailed analyses of business processes within which the information sharing takes place.

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