GSA Senior Advisor Leaves Agency: The Future of FEDRAMP

Matt Goodrich, a senior advisor at GSA, recently left the agency. Goodrich announced his departure from the agency with a tweet that detailed his exact departure date to be the 26th of July 2019. Goodrich was head of  FedRAMP, GSA’s Federal Risk and Management Program, from 2011 to August 2018. FedRAMP is a GSA security program that secures cloud services. According to the FedRAMP website, FedRAMP now offers services to over 150 agencies and covers more than 5 million assets.

Goodrich ran the program until August 2018 when he was promoted to head GSA’s Office of Products and Programs or OPP and Ashley Mahan took over as FedRAMP’s current acting director. As head of OPP Goodrich was able to oversee the FedRAMP program in addition to monitoring some of GSA’s other technological services such as their data analysis portfolio.

Ashley Mahan, who has been referred to as FedRAMP’s evangelist, has been acting director since August of 2018. Mahan’s work has helped grow FedRAMP from a program with 60 agency users to a program with 150 agency users. In her year as Acting Director of the program, Mahan was able to reduce the timeline of authorization with the program by 75 percent. Mahan’s work leaves little doubt that she will continue as an effective leader of the program, however, Goodrich’s work with FedRAMP from the start has been instrumental in making the program as widely renowned as it is today. There is little known about where Goodrich plans to go now that he has left GSA, in the tweet he released announcing his departure he said he would be headed to the private sector, however little is known about exactly where he plans to go.

Author: Allie Cottingham