Sabre88 Concurs with Pub Owner Frustrated That Health Plan Prices Keep Jumping

Sabre88, LLC recognizes the frustration of small businesses as they navigate the Affordable Care Act and the uncertainty it causes in determining plan premiums for employee coverage. Sabre88 has always provided employer sponsored healthcare benefits to its employees through yearly premium increases and changes to health care laws and regulations. With the passing of the ACA Sabre88 is responding to premium changes and fluctuations from individual to individual.

One of the most important adjustments for Sabre88 since the passing of the ACA is the uncertainty employees are placed in with regard to premiums. During the pre-ACA world, premiums were flat for all employees across genders, ages, health risks. Currently, each employee must be evaluated and a premium is arrived at. It is uncertain until an analysis is performed hence making it difficult to determine if the employee is going to opt for employer sponsored coverage. See story with link below.

Pub Owner Frustrated That Health Plan Prices Keep Jumping : Shots – Health News : NPR.