What 5G Technology Has to Offer

5G or 5th generation technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live our lives and the way we do business. Starting at 2G and moving up to 3G and eventually to 4G we have seen a shift in the standard of connectivity and speed that we expect. The change from 4G to 5G however, is a game-changer as the improvement is not only in terms of speed however, it also increases the number of possibilities. 5G will push mobile speeds from 100 Mbps to upward of 10 Gbps, the thought of waiting to files to download or websites to open will all be gone. Our tasks will be completed even before we can think of what to do next.

It is essential to highlight what the introduction of this technology will do, this isn’t just upgrading the network that we use and improving the speed of it. This technology will introduce ideas we haven’t even thought about yet and connect things we thought could never possibly be connected. Your watch will keep track of your heartbeat and feed information simultaneously to your kitchen on what food should be prepared. Your kitchen will be able to stock groceries and order by itself based on what you have run out of and what your preferences are, the opportunities and possibilities are endless with the introduction of this technology which makes it all the more fascinating.

This technology is going to thrive on the amount of data that it will be able to produce, store and share with other platforms that are connected to the network. The “era of connectivity” is here and rules and regulations don’t seem to worry companies investing in the technology as of now. They know that once introduced the hurdle of what is taking it too far will present its self however, many believe however that it’s a temporary one. Many people who hold management positions in companies that are from various industries endorsed the technology by claiming that “it will enable new products and services” that haven’t been invented yet. Businesses are also appreciating the fact that it will increase efficiency in the way we use our energy. The speculation is that the technology will decrease the amount of energy that is used in networks, in terms of fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and keeping up to date with technology they are essentially killing two birds with one stone.

5G is set to be really big upon it’s estimated release in 2020. However, today’s society is driven by numbers and everyone wants to know just how big. After taking a look at 21 potential uses of 5G technology its is said to unlock about $12.3 trillion dollars across several industries. It is just a matter of time now to see what many companies come out with involving the technology.