Your Next Job is Hiding in Plain Sight

When it comes to employment and the laws of supply and demand, job seekers will always be hopeful for a large supply of jobs that equally demand their labor. So, for those who are currently searching for work it comes as exciting news that there are currently an abundance of job vacancies around the globe. According to, job vacancies in dozens of countries are plentiful. In the United States alone, there were 5.4 million jobs in in 2015—the highest number of unfilled jobs in 15 years ( Furthermore, countries like Germany, Canada, India and the United Kingdom are attracting more workers than they lose—an indication of a healthy, growing economy.

Although it may be true that there are an abundance of jobs worldwide, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit qualified prospective candidates, especially in technology-related job positions. This mismatch is unfortunate for employers because they are being forced to recruit workers from abroad, where the availability of both experienced and talented workers are more expansive. However, this poses a problem for countries where there are a greater number of citizens leaving than there are citizens entering.

The infographic below explains what qualities job seekers should have in order to be seen as an asset to employers:

Although this infographic does not contain a definitive list of qualities that employers may find desirable, it does highlight some of the most important qualities that a worker should strive to embody as a job seeker. Within the labor market, employers are trying to hire people with familiar qualities and abilities, but this lack of candidate diversity can lead to a decrease in a country’s supply of talent, which can ultimately result in stunted growth and prosperity. While the United States and European countries attract more workers than they lose, countries like China, Israel and Sweden are experiencing just the opposite because employers in these countries largely fail to gain the interest of job seekers and thus, their subsequent relocation.

Therefore, both employers and employees should seek ways to stand out amongst the crowd in ways that are appealing to the masses, yet specific enough to add value to a particular career sector. If countries wish to flourish economically, they should hold on tightly to valuable employees and encourage employers to find ways to improve their desirability to job seeking citizens who may be looking to find employment abroad.