10 Government Employee Themed Halloween Costume Ideas 

Do you have your Halloween Costume planned out? For those in a pinch, here are ten fun federal employee Halloween costume ideas you can make your own. From space explorers to the defenders of justice and the pillars of our democracy, these costumes are sure to make a statement at your while out collecting candy. 

For those who dream of the great beyond, and what’s out there. Astronauts are always a popular costume for adults and kids alike. Look out, Buzz Aldrin, because few things are cuter than a little space traveler asking for candy. Perhaps there’s a lesson there for NASA executives seeking funding from Congress. 

  1. NASA Astronaut 
  1. Military Service Member 
  1. Army 
  1. Navy 
  1. Marine 
  1. Coast Guard 
  1. Air Force 
  1. Police Officer 
  1. Secret Agent 
  1. Secret Service 
  1. FBI 
  1. CIA 
  1. Transportation Security Agent 
  1. Park Ranger 
  1. United States Postal Worker 
  1. Government Official 
  1. Judge 
  1. School Teacher