Sabre88 Wins Nuclear Regulatory Commission Award

Newark, New Jersey, September 21, 2012  Sabre88, LLC has been awarded a contract with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to provide auto attendant support, ADAMS scanning and profiling, and data entry for a number of enterprise databases.

Sabre88 will primarily be responsible for providing support to fully process into the Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS) all incoming documents received at the NRC Regional Document Processing Center (RDPC), as well as processing for NRC internally generated documents. Sabre88 will maintain primary processing of NRC generated documents, and the externally generated documents processed by RDPC to ensure a higher level of quality control and consistency in data entry and to maintain a higher level of integrity in the ADAMS database.

It will be Sabre88’s responsibility to remain technically competent with software and equipment used by the NRC. Sabre88 aspires to meet and exceed expectation in reference to the performance standards and maintain the higher quality level by keeping updated with related system and software required for completion of work. . Chairman and CEO Robert Cottingham stated: I am thrilled to have received this award from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It is a demonstration of the confidence the agency has in us. We look forward to providing excellent customer service.

About Sabre88, LLC  Sabre88 is a global consulting firm applying capabilities in technology, public policy, international affairs, and education to government and commercial clients. With more than twenty years of experience offering strategic solutions, Sabre88 staff advance the firm’s mission to provide civilian and defense government agencies with the necessary tools to address emerging challenges and pursue global opportunities.

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